Own a Pocono home and visit the Sculpted Ice Works.Pocono home owners thinking of hosting an event should visit Sculpted Ice Works in Lakeville. An ice sculpture adds a unique touch to any formal affair. Ice sculptures help make weddings, reunions, and banquets extra special. Sculpted Ice Works is one of the top ice sculpture businesses, serving New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Choose from among many beautiful and fun designs, including food displays, ice luges, and ice bars, or create your own. You can also hire an ice carver to create a design as the entertainment for an event, usually outdoors.

If you’re just curious about how ice carving works, head to the Sculpted Ice Works Tour and Museum. It’s a fun way to spend time with family and friends near your Pocono home. Learn about the natural lake ice industry of bygone days. You can also take a tour of the factory. Sculpted ice works hosts three great events for Pocono home owners. See the enormous ice sculpture for Crystal Cabin Fever in February. Enjoy ice sculptures and winter crafts in Decemer at Christmas Frozen in Ice. Celebrate spring in April at the Spring Thaw Ice and Wine Festival. For more information about an ice sculpture for your event, a tour of the factory, and the annual events, visit sculptediceworks.com.